The African violet Bible: How to Grow Saintpaulias that Bloom 365 Days a Year

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The African violet Bible: How to Grow Saintpaulias that Bloom 365 Days a Year

Christopher Makomere
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Do you wish there was a way to save your African violet from inevitable death? Or wonder if there are any tips to encourage them into flowering? Do you know for sure what is happening to them?

I know the feeling when you’ve just acquired your first African violet plant from a well-known garden center with a lovely purple bloom. Or maybe they were sent to you as gifts or you inherited them from a loved one.

You really enjoy watching them grow and flower. It’s a great sentimental feeling.

Until one day, you notice that your African violet looks miserable!

The new leaves under the flower's crown seem to dry or they’ve started losing their color and turning brown. The once lovely classic purple blooms are looking droopy and withering fast – and it looks really bad.

Is there any way to save the plants at this point?

You wonder:

You know you have to do something about it. So, you result to visiting gardening forums for much-needed advice and encouragement. Sure, you get some suggestions. Some help you save some plants but for the rest, death is inevitable.

And it becomes a dreaded vicious cycle before you decide these darn little plants are so temperamental and quit altogether.

It’s not your fault.

How could you know what is happening?   

You’ve done everything right; you’ve followed all the advice you could get but still no hope for your Saintpaulias. Besides, how could you succeed if the advice you’ve been receiving has been extremely vague? For instance, you’re told to avoid too little or too much light. If you’re a flower gardening beginner, what does this really mean?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Don’t get held back again with your gardening passion. And more so, your love for the most popular indoor plant in the world – the African violet.

All you have to do right now is get:

The African violet Bible: How to Grow Saintpaulias that Bloom 365 Days a Year (Indoor Flower Gardening Book)

Finally! An African violet book that is in-depth enough to help you keep your indoor plants in top shape.

Are you a beginner looking for the basics of growing amazing indoor saintpaulias? Or you’re an advanced African violet enthusiast and want to take your game to the next level? Have you been growing these houseplants since you were a child, but they always inevitably died as you didn't keep up the proper care regime?

Then you need to get a copy of The African violet Bible.

This book is not only packed with practical information, but plenty of photos and illustrations to help you understand important concepts.

While getting this book is one of the smartest moves you’ll make today, it won’t solve all your gardening problems neither will it transform you into an overnight green thumb. How much you succeed will depend on how much you’re willing to do.

Still with me?

Here’s a brief overview of what’s covered in the book:

  • All the growing basics (this alone is enough to transform your craft)

  • How to force blooming by using a framework I developed called the Ball Rolling Technique (No more ‘too little or too much light stuff’ – you’ll know exactly how much light is required to trigger Florigen (a hormone responsible for flowering).

  • Watering African violets is a controversial subject – the facts and watering techniques have been covered.

  • How to save your indoor plants from inevitable death by mastering the ‘Pest and Disease Triangle,’ and much more.

By purchasing this book, you're on your way to achieving phenomenal results in houseplants gardening.

Now, Scroll back up and click BUY THIS to get a copy.

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